Road Department


 The Road Department works 4-10 hour days, Monday through Thursday from 7:00AM-5:30PM.

P.O. Box 545
Yellville, AR 72687


Current Job Opening: Back up Truck Driver/Pothole Patching/ Brush Crew

Start Date: To be determined

Responsibilities: Main Responsibilities will be working with the brush crew and pot hole patching.  Assisting with the road crew on construction, installing culverts. Any other duties assigned by the Road Foreman.


Ability to drive a dump truck, run a backhoe, operate a bucket truck, chainsaw. Must be able to work in extreme heat and cold.  May be called out to work weekends and holidays and nights, during a disaster.  Starting salary will be determined by the Road Foreman. Top Salary is $13.40  hr.  Applications can be picked up at the Marion County Judges Office or the Road Shop.

County Services Offered


To request road work please call (870) 449-6021.

The county quarry does not sell gravel or provide it for public use.  There have been several calls concerning this..Our Quarry only supplies gravel, shotrock, base and fill for county projects.


Contact Information:
Ted Fox