County Judge

The County Judge is the county’s chief administrative officer. He presides over the Quorum Court,however does not carry a vote within the court he only has the power of veto. The budget for the county is prepared by a committee which is appointed by the County Judge. When the budget is put to vote with the Quorum Court it has to pass by a 2/3 vote. 

  The County Judge oversees the following departments ;Road Department, Emergency Operations, Grants Department, Transfer and Recycling Station upon which he also has a Road Foreman that oversees the day to day activity of the Road Department, and also a supervisor at  Transfer Station.  It is also the County Judge's responsibility to make sure all boards have sufficient members appointed.

 Justices of the Peace of the Quorum Court:

District 1= Mike Scrima   P. O. Box 100, Oakland, AR 72661  Phone: 870-431-8363/870-404-9001

District 2= Marty Nickels 102 Swiss Lane, Bull Shoals, AR 72619 Phone: 870-736-0031

District 3= Talon Vancuren 217 MC 7001, Flippin, AR 72634  Phone: 870-577-4874

District 4= Rick White 126 Crooked Creek St., Flippin, AR 72634 Phone: 870-232-2011

District 5= Raymond Mayo 6459 MC 3004, Yellville, AR 72687 870-656-0734

District 6 =Brady Madden 181 MC 5003, Yellville, AR 72687 Phone: 870-404-6412

District 7= Wesley Shipman P. O. Box 1116, Yellville, AR 72687 Phone: 870-656-2022

District 8= Claudia Brigham P. O. Box 526, Yellville, AR 72687 Phone: 870-754-0621

District 9= Joyce McCalla P. O. Box 136, Yellville, AR 72687 Phone:870-449-4572


BUDGET COMMITTEE:  Joyce McCalla, Claudia Brigham, Raymond Mayo, Marty Nickels, Mike Scrima

PROCEDURES AND MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:  Raymond Mayo, Talon Vancuren, Marty Nickels, Joyce MCalla, Claudia Brigham

SOLID WASTE COMMITTEE:  Wesley Shipman, Rick White, Brady Madden, Talon Vancuren

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE:  Raymond Mayo, Marty Nickels, Mike Scrima, Joyce McCalla, Claudia Brigham

LAW COMMITTEE:  Brady Madden, Mike Scrima, Talon Vancuren, Wesley Shipman, Rick White

P.O. Box 545
105 S. Berry St.
Yellville, AR 72687

Office Hours
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday (except holidays)

County Services Offered

Burn Ban Status

The County Judge can declare a burn ban based on the weather and forestry laws. 

Roads, Road Signs and Addressing

To request road work you can contact the Road Department at (870)449-6021.

To request a new road sign contact Zach Davenport at 870-449-6021

The Marion County Building Inspector is Bill Higgins.  His email address is Phone 870-715-2544.

How to apply for a job with the county?

You may contact the Marion County Judge’s Office from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Marion County Courts Complex, 105 S. Berry St., P.O. Box 545, Yellville, AR 72687, or call (870) 449-6231 or email

Downloadable Employment Application.

Contact Information:
County Judge John Massey
Fax: 870-449-4369


Quorum Court Information:

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